Solutions that keep.

No matter whether you build or rebuilt, renovate or reconstruct a building, one thing has got to be ensured: No danger through water, humidity or other influences. Therefore bathrooms, showers, swimming-pools, balconies, commercial kitchens, public conveniences and industrial used wet rooms have to be well protected. Spreadable sealing compounds are used for the surfaces.
Special attention has to be payed to joints, corners, wall penetrations and floor drainages. Modern systems come into use here: elastic sealing tapes, shaped parts and other components. Therefore novo-tec provids you with the necessary components such as joint sealing tapes, internal and external corners, pipe collars for wall and floor as well as sealing membrans and uncoupling mats.

For more than 15 years we distribute, develop and produce sealing- and other special products for tile laying. Due to continuous further development of our products in cooperation with leading German manufacturers our customers can fall back on a wide range of modern sealing systems.
We count on products “Made in Germany” which meet the high requirements of practice. Our strenghts are customized solutions and high quality products. Our customers can refer to a wide delivery programm in the range of sealing below tiles, decoupling of ceramic tiling and other products for tile setting.

Since 2009 secure sealing is regulated by the European directive ETAG 022 and the proof of suitability has to be adduced by comprehensive system tests. Our composite sealing systems SDX and NT fulfil this standards.

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